Chung Nguyen

Chung Nguyen (Spark) is currently an investment banker at Mizuho Securities based in Tokyo, Japan. Prior to joining Mizuho, Chung had worked for HSBC Vietnam from 2008 until 2010 before spent the following three years studying MBA with a concentration in Finance at Hitotsubashi University in Japan and London Business School in the U.K. Chung also holds a B.B.A degree from Troy University.

“TFT is a smart program, trying to tackle two major social issues at the same time and that what brought me into this program. In addition, as a Vietnamese, I always want to contribute to the development of my country with the focus on education and healthcare infrastructures and TFT program in fact allows me to play a small role not only in helping children have more access to healthy foods but also in improving children’s learning experience and education performance. When our kids enjoy nutritious foods, their health improves as does their study performance.”, said Chung.