• How do you feel when you eat too much? You feel sluggish, tired, and have difficulty concentrating. How do you feel when you don’t eat enough? The same. A TABLE FOR TWO healthy meal provides energy and nutrition to accomplish your day. For the children receiving a healthy school meal, it is often their only nutritious meal of the day, allowing them to focus on school and improve their lives.

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  • Nutrition.

    TFT meals provide the right amount calories and are nutritionally balanced. TFT meals are high in vegetable content and avoid excess oils, carbohydrates, fats, sugar and salt. On the other side of the table, school meals in Mbola, Tanzania consist of maize flour, beans, green vegetables, fruits, sardines, and more. And all this for just US$0.25 per meal!

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  • Education.

    Knowing how to eat healthy and being incentivized to do so lets you feel better and be more productive. It’s the same for the kids. School meals provide an incentive for parents to send their children to school, increasing enrollment and attendance, while reducing drop­outs. Once in school, children are better able to focus in class with a full stomach. Thus school meals play a key role in improving the quality of education ­ providing children with life­long skills.

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  • Global Network.

    TFT draws on supporters from all around the world, ranging from World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders and Global Shapers to business moguls to university students to politicians. Partnering with TFT taps into an amazingly talented global network.

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  • Engaging Employees and Consumers.

    Any company can write a check as part of a philanthropic initiative, but few can match TFT’s direct connection with the consumer. With no start-up cost nor business disruption, a company or consumer product can partner with TFT to quickly and effectively convey its social responsibility.

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  • Engaging Communities.

    Sustainability is paramount in TFT’s projects. We work with schools and communities to ensure involvement through in-kind contributions whenever possible. This may include sharing surplus harvest, learning ecological gardening techniques, and parents volunteering as cooks. A major ancillary benefit is a community’s greater appreciation for the education of their children.

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  • Stimulating Local Economies.

    TFT ensures that ingredients for the school meals are sourced locally to the greatest extent possible, providing steady demand for local produce and supporting farmers in the surrounding communities.

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