E: Restaurant

TFT is a great way to highlight healthy options and promote new and lighter dishes while creating goodwill amongst customers. It works likes this:

  1. A restaurant decides that it wants to implement the TFT program.
  2. It completes the Application Form.
  3. It identifies a meals from the existing menu or selects new meals that roughly adhere to TFT’s Healthy Meal Guidelines:
    1. Calories – 750-950 kcal, which is one-third of the 2200-2900 kcal recommended daily caloric intake set forth by the USDA and other international organizations.
    2. Balance – Meals containing whole grains, vegetables and fruits, and avoiding partially hydrogenated oils and processed meats, and limiting sodium, sugar, and refined carbohydrates.
  4. All healthy meals selected must be clearly identified with the TFT logo or name prominently displayed. Creative signage, table tents, and other communications increase customer engagement.
  5. TFT’s standard model is to include the equivalent of US$0.25 in the purchase price for every US$10.00 of a meal to support children’s’ school meals.
  6. Meals are purchased as usual, and donations are tallied and remitted to TFT on a periodic basis.