C: Consumer Products

TFT consumer products improve consumer health by offering healthier alternative foods and beverages when compared to peer group offerings. It works like this:

  1. A company decides that it wants to implement the TFT program.
  2. All participating parties complete the Application Form.
  3. A company may develop new products or select existing products to be designated as a healthy TFT product. These products may be already well established or new to a market
  4. Products are encouraged to meet at least one of the following guidelines:
    1. Include ingredients with known benefits (i.e. leafy greens, fiber)
    2. Reduced sugar and calorie content
    3. Contain nutrients essential to a well-balanced diet
    4. Substitute animal ingredients with vegetable ingredients
    5. Certified as a healthy product by a government authority or established and respected regional NPO
    6. Juices use 100% fruit and/or vegetable ingredients
  5. A donation amount is determined, usually between 1% and 5% of the retail price.
  6. Products can choose to feature the TFT logo and messaging on packaging, in-store displays, or online campaigns.
  7. Products are purchased as usual, and donations are tallied and remitted to TFT on a periodic basis.