B: Vending Machine

Vending machines are a prime source of junk food and thus present an excellent opportunity to implement TFT by offering healthier snacks and beverages. It works like this:

1. An organization indicates its vending machine operator that it wants to implement the TFT program.  (new vending machines can be installed or existing vending machines can be used)

2. The organization completes and signs the TFT Application Form for a vending machine program (and if TFT signage will be installed by a vending machine operator, the vending machine operator completes and signs a License Form).

3. The organization selects, or directs its vending machine operator to stock the machine with, snacks and beverages that adhere to the following TFT Healthy Snack and Beverage Guidelines.

TFT Healthy Snack and Beverage Guidelines
    a. Include ingredients with known benefits (i.e. leafy greens, fiber)
    b. Reduced sugar and calorie content
    c. Contain nutrients essential to a well-balanced diet
    d. Substitute animal ingredients with vegetable ingredients
    e. Certified as a healthy product by a government authority or established
        and respected regional NPO
    f. Juice s use 100% fruit and/or vegetable ingredients

4. A donation amount is determined by the donating organization. There are several ways that can be used to determine the donation amount. Common methods include:

    i. All or part of the vending machine commission, usually defined as a certain
       percentage of the total profit or sale.
    ii.Certain number of cents per TFT product sold.

5. The TFT signage and/or video are featured on the vending machine.

6. Products are purchased as usual, and donations are tallied and remitted to TFT on a periodic basis.