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73,187,914 Meals Served
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The Solution

In our world of 7 billion, 1 billion suffer from undernutrition, while another 1 billion suffer from obesity. TABLE FOR TWO rights this imbalance by simultaneously addressing the two opposing problems through a unique "calorie transfer" program. By partnering with over 800 corporations, universities, restaurants, and organizations implementing our program in their establishments and products, TABLE FOR TWO has served millions of healthy meals to both sides of the "table." On one side people are eating healthier meals, and on the other children are receiving nutritious school meals. In this way, we can say that when you dine at TABLE FOR TWO, you never dine alone. 

TABLE FOR TWO was initiated by and is an official affiliate of the World Economic Forum's Young Global Leaders.

As a non-profit organization which started in Japan and expanding globally, TABLE FOR TWO has recently started the unique programs, Onigiri Action and Wa-Shokuiku -Learn. Cook. Eat Japanese!- featuring Japanese food culture to tackle on the critical health issues.

Change the World with Onigiri (Rice ball) #OnigiriAction website

Wa-Shokuiku -Learn. Cook. Eat Japanese!- website

Why It Works

  1. Anyone can participate

    a. Everyone eats lunch

    b. Allows you to think and eat well
    while doing good for society

  2. Win Win

    a. One does good for oneself and for
    another less fortunate

    b. Helps companies to reduce obesity
    among employees

  3. Simple Concept

    a. One for one

  4. Easy To Implement

  5. Global Reach

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*TABLE FOR TWO USA is run independently from TABLE FOR TWO International and is an American nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization.